For 25 years we have been supplying headsets to meet and exceed our customer's needs.  Our offerings include wireless headsets from Plantronics, Jabra, GN Netcom, VXI and Sennheiser.  We also offer a full line of corded headsets (HW510 shown on the left) for direct connect applications and VoIP applications.  These come from premium manufacturers such as Jabra, GN Netcom, Dasan Electron, Sennheiser, VXI and Plantronics.

When choosing a corded headset it is important to know how you want to connect to your telephone. 

The most common options are:

1.  Direct connect into a dedicated headset port

2.  Using a universal amplifier

3.  VoIP applications via USB

Now with your wireless headset you have some great options as well!  The best decision is based on how you want to use the headset.

Will you be connecting to a desk telephone or do you prefer a headset with dual connectivity allowing you to connect seamlessly with your desk phone and your PC?

Of course, not matter how you are going to connect your headset, we have the correct solution for you!  And please remember, the most expensive headset is not always the best headset!

Questions?  Please contact our friendly customer service group at 800-524-6575

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